FIVE Skincare Saviours

Since I was really young, my mom taught me the importance of looking after the skin and the long-term benefits of being disciplined with my routine: taking off makeup, using hydrating products and most importantly SPF every day. So thanks to her I realised from a very young age that the skin needed to be pampered in order to be protected it and strong. Is never too late to start taking care of it, you just need to start.

Here are FIVE products that I need every day in my life. I change products from time to time to try different brands and formulas but these have been on my shelf consistently.

1.Vichy Purete Thermale Waterproof eye makeup remover

There is nothing like the feeling of freedom when you take off your make up at the end of the day and actually nothing better than this bi-phase and anti-allergic make up remover to get rid of waterproof mascaras, eyeliners or stubborn lipsticks. It is soft with the skin, doesn’t leave it tight and it’s actually quite affordable, which is great because you empty these bottles really fast. I find this product so delicate and comfortable that even though it says is an eye makeup remover, I use it to clean the whole face with a cotton pad. Vicky is a French brand that is very well-known mostly in Europe and has a great range of anti ageing products definitely more affordable than other high-end brands.


2. Zelens Z Pure Cleansing Liquid Balm

After following on social media an amazing skin guru and qualified advanced aesthetician, Caroline Hirons, I understood the need for a double cleanse. Meaning, you remove makeup with something like my Vichy bi-phase remover and then cleanse once again with oils, gels or creams to make sure your skin is free from impurities and ready to absorb the products you will apply next. It really is the most important step of your routine because if the skin is not clean enough, the products will never work as they should.

Caroline Hirons also introduced me to the world of Dr Lens, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon that specialises in skin and skin cancer that developed a line of products using the latest technology in anti-aging. I then decided to try some of his incredible products including this balm that is free from parabens, mineral oil and silicones that leave the skin hydrated and moist ready for your serums and creams.

I never use it to remove makeup, although you could, I prefer to use it as a first cleanse in the morning or as a second cleanse in the evening, leave it for two minutes so the skin absorbs the nutrients, and I then rinse it off with a cloth and warm water. It really is a treat for the skin.


3. Sisley Eye and Lip Contour Balm

Sisley is a brand that fascinates me, not only because the products are made using the finest ingredients sourced from plants and essential oils, but because since 1976 when it started until now, has been family-owned. How amazing is that? It makes you feel that there are human beings behind the brand that have the same concerns and interests as you and that take the time to appreciate their customers and their desires. It makes the brand feel more relatable.

Anyway, to the point. This balm that looks more like a gel, helps with hydration and puffiness helping to prevent the appearances of fine lines around the eyes and lips. As soon as you apply it you feel the contour of the eyes tightened and lifted, it’s a very strange feeling because you actually notice something happening straight after application. It also has a cooling effect making it perfect for the warmer months. The difference between this gel and a normal eye cream is that this one actually dries out and stays in place, it almost becomes imperceptible, but the cream has more movement and stays moist. In any case, they are both great, I just wanted to point out the difference in texture but the results, if you use the correct cream product for your skin, are the same.

I have really dark circles so I constantly need to apply concealer on that area making it more sensible and vulnerable. For me an eye contour cream or balm, in this case, day and night, is a must. Will be repurchasing this product for sure.


4. Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

If you have not heard from this product it’s probably because you have been living under a rock. I’m glad you are out of it now so you can start using Luna sleeping oil straight away, is thaaat good, believe me!

Sunday Riley, the woman behind the brand, is a cosmetic chemist and the formulator of all her products. She has been dedicated to improving the quality of the skin in an efficient and fast way using only the best ingredients to fight against ageing. Luna Sleeping Oil is the perfect example of this. It’s a retinol oil, which is a form of vitamin A, an ingredient commonly used in skincare that reduces pore size, evens out the skin tone, fights fine lines, spots caused by the sun and overall, it improves the texture of the skin. It also contains Chia, Avocado, Grape Seed and Blue Tansy which has great anti-inflammatory properties.

The best thing about this product is that you can actually see quick results, after one week you honestly see improvements in your skin. It’s important to use at night because retinols can make the skin more sensitive to the sun. Make sure you use SPF in the morning to protect. Having said that, there is nothing to worry about, I find this product very gentle even using it every day. If you want to start slowly and see how it goes, try it every other night.


5. Clarins Plus Uv + SPF 50 Neutral

But really really the product that I can not live without is SPF. No matter how bad the weather is or how dark the days are, especially in London, I always use SPF. I believe that if you really want to age well you need to protect the skin from the sun because expensive creams will not work miracles.

I really like this one from Clarins, the texture is thin, the skin absorbs it really fast and even though is white, it becomes transparent once rubbed on the skin. It is also anti-pollution so perfect for city dwellers.

Since we all want to prevent skin burns (UVB) and therefore skin cancer and premature ageing (UVA), you need to find an SPF that shows clearly the UVA symbol or broad protection formula. I normally use factor 50 because I am very fair and don’t love the sun but if you are not too sensitive you could go for SPF 30. The important thing is to be shielded against UVB and UVA.




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  2. Thank you, Monica. I love your blog and have found this post on skin care specially useful. I have always admire your skin and will definitely be taking on some of your suggestions.

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