Menorca and my top FIVE recommendations.


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This is paradise. Sant Joan de Binissaida is a beautiful boutique hotel located in the east of Menorca, close to Sant Lluis and Es Castell. It is basically a country house in the middle of the island; it has an outdoor swimming pool, twelve rooms, a gourmet restaurant, stunning trees, massage service, kids area and what I think is the most important and valuable asset in a hotel; immensely helpful and exceptionally friendly staff.

We spent five unforgettable days at the hotel. The food was delicious; traditional dishes from Menorca with a modern twist; great breakfast; different pastries, cheese, various types of ham, fresh fruit and if you still want more they offer a brunch menu that can be served by the pool. In the evenings, they also have a tasting menu and a range of local wines.

Cuqui, the amazing girl at the reception that does everything, recommended us great Calas and beaches to go during the day. They are always ready and willing to help in case you do not know the island like us.

Rooms are called after composers; apparently the owner is passionate about opera. We stayed in Mozart, super spacious with a beautiful terrace overlooking a huge garden.

The only thing I would say could be better, is the wifi. I know, if you go to paradise, why on earth would you need wifi? Well, I can not live without my phone, does this sound familiar?… If it does, be prepared and ready to relax and disconnect. The wifi still works but don’t rely on it.

Overall, a beautiful and relaxing experience. I am definitely coming back to Sant Joan de Binissaida.

Prices and information on the link above.



When we started planning the trip to Menorca, we thought by looking at the map, that the distances were very short and as we were told, that it was very easy to take taxis to the Calas or the different points of interest. A couple of days before flying we started questioning if that was the best thing to do since I’m heavily pregnant with no too much energy to depend on taxi’s availability.

In the end, we made the wise decision of renting a car and we were even wiser by renting it with InterRent.

It is a new low-cost car hire from the Europcar group, and they are already open and functioning in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France and soon in more countries.

We paid £55 for five days!! I know, I could not believe it either, I was checking and refreshing, and starting the search again to see where the hidden trick was, but surprisingly, there was none. You pay for what you see, no dishonest prices and you can choose the options straight away; insurance, the number of drivers, petrol, pick up point, etc. I wanted a Fiat 500 but on every car hire website they always tell you that they will have the one you are choosing or similar, so this is always the annoying bit, but at least you have no expectations. In the end, we got an Opel Corsa, entirely new, comfortable and economical. Not as cool as the fiat but it was all we needed.

Advice: Hire a car in Menorca. Distances are not as short as you think, pretty much everything is 20 minutes away and although I didn’t get in the end any taxi, did not see loads of them either. Having your car would make you independent so you can explore the island at your own pace and rhythm. It’s worth it, and I’m sure cheaper than taking cabs to go everywhere.



Cuqui, the helpful girl I already told you about that works at Sant Joan de Binissaida, recommended us this spot. We needed something not too far from the hotel because it was already late in the afternoon so we wanted to spend longer laying in the sun rather that on the car. Also, we wanted a sandy beach with a restaurant or bar or toilets nearby because if you are not prepared with all the props for the beach, it could be not as pleasant. In few words, we wanted something relaxing, beautiful and comfortable.

Binibeca beach has it all; clear, blue and shallow waters, white sand, not too many people, chiringuito, toilets, umbrellas with sunbeds that you can rent for 10 Euros the whole day, boats on the horizon, rocks, trees, and parking two minutes away. It is located in the south-east of the island only 15 minutes away from the airport. What else do you need?

Binibeca or Binibequer is one of many many beaches and calas around the island, but most of them have no facilities so you need to be prepared and take with you all the gear you need; towels, umbrellas, food, drinks, etc. The north of the Island apparently has stunning and wilder beaches, I did not get the chance to go but is on my list for next time.


Cala Mitjana, Calla Macarella, Cala en Turqueta, Cala de Binidali, Platja des Grau, Cala Mesquida and Cala Tirant are some of the beaches/places that are undoubtedly unmissable.


cafe balear

Along with Mao, Ciutadella is one of the two main cities on the Balearic island. I did not explore Menorca in detail but out of the places we visited, this place was my favourite one by far. Beautiful port, full of restaurants, shops, tiny streets; a magical place.

This restaurant was a friend’s recommendation that knows Menorca very well, so although we were 45 minutes away from Ciutadella, we needed to go to see the city and try the praised restaurant.

It’s all about fish and the fresh catches of the day. From lobster stew with rice, to monkfish, rock mussels, clams, and Ciutadella prawns. My husband’s favourite dish was the monkfish carpaccio, and I loved the pieces of battered John Dory and the grilled hake. Ohh, and still can not get over the dessert I had, difficult to describe but I’ll try. It involved pastry and melted chocolate with more chocolate sauce, very crunchy and warm and full of nuts…hmmm I have to stop, I’m too pregnant and too far, meaning no way I can satisfy the craving!

Anyway, if you go to Ciutadella,  Cafe Balear is an unmissable stop.


DSC01719 (2).jpg

Last but no least, Cova d’en Xoroi. Do I have to say a lot?… I didn’t think so.

It’s a cavern located on a cliff at the south of Menorca, ‘touched by history and washed by the sea’ like they say. It is the perfect spot either to start your trip or to say goodbye to the Island enjoying an unforgettable sunset. Breathtaking view, delicious cocktails, sometimes live music, cool DJ’s and overall a unique and incomparable experience. Apparently the cavern is natural; they just adequated the decking so it really is a special place. Never saw anything like it before.

It also has different levels and different ambiences so you will have different experiences depending on where you are seated.

Check on their website for music festivals and live music events that they have throughout the year. Beware that is only a bar, they don’t serve food.

Menorca is magical and mystic, wild and unharmed, fascinating and magnetic. I hope you enjoy your experience and would love to hear about the places that made your trip worthwhile.



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