FIVE places on Portobello Road that will make your life easier and happier.

As a Notting Hill local for few years now, I can confidently say that Portobello Road is like my office. I’m every day there, from morning to evenings, up un down, in gym clothes, maternity or evening wear, eating, shopping, having nails done, exercising, trying new smoothies, new restaurants, new shops, printing pictures, buying fruits, flowers, electric stuff, anyway, I have a place for everything. So I wanted to share with you the places I frequent the most on and off Portobello that make my life easier and therefore happier. If you thought Portobello was only a market or the place where Hugh Grant had a bookshop…Well, you were wrong. let me enlighten you!



Beautiful corner shop that has all the seasonal flowers. Its a little piece of heaven on Portobello. I can spend hours looking at every single flower and learning the names of course, its a relaxing and soothing place. The staff is helpful and they do really nice flower arrangements. Not that cheap but to be honest, the only relatively economical places that I can think of to buy flowers are supermarkets, so if you want something more special that lasts, then it will cost slightly more. But the good thing is that you will always have happy guests/husband/boyfriend/parents if you have these flowers at home, or at least the grey days will be over.

This corner shop is off Portobello on Elgin Crescent.



Yes, Im not a vegetarian. I need my meat every day and now that Im pregnant even more. It took me a long time to find a good place for meat, not only in terms of food quality but also a friendly and not bloody/scary place. Provenance Village Butcher has it all. Welcoming, smart, modern and more importantly, outstanding quality (grass-fed beef, lamb and venison and free range chicken and pork). The staff will kindly guide you and explain to you every cut, in case you have no clue like me. Great burgers, lamb chops, chicken skewers and beef in general. They also have sauces for every recipe you can think of and next to the till, a little freezer with the best Italian ice creams you will ever try. So if you want to skip the meet, which you won’t once you are there, get the ice cream an let me know.

This is again off Portobello on Kensington Park road.



What can I say? I could live here. Everything is delicious, organic, fresh, creative and super easy to make, or I should say to eat, because the only thing you are required to do is to reheat.

Its a grocer that sells ready meals, sophisticated, light, healthy, different and above all exquisite. Great packaging and each meal has the perfect size for two people if you have sides if not, I would go for one to one.

Soups (my favourite cauliflower and white truffle), risottos, pastas, quinoa, rice, mash potatoes, pasta sauces, CHILI CON CARNE (my favourite), curry, meatballs, chicken stew, juices, salads, bread, cakes, pizza, fresh vegetables, cheese, wine….you see? paradise!

I always buy to take away but there are few tables at the back of the place where you can seat and have a coffee, the meals are to take with you. Also, they do catering so if you have a dinner party and want to spend more time with the guests than in the kitchen, then let them do what they are great at…pamper your palate.

Food ranges from £4.99 to £10 roughly. Opposite the flower shop on Elgin Crescent.



Best restaurant on Portobello road by far!!! Love it and never get tired of it!!

Like they say, Goode and Wright ‘is a little brasserie serving hearty British classics with a modern twist’, delightful food and beautiful place, great, little but comfortable tables, cozy, friendly and is amazing for breakfast, quick coffee, lunch, drinks and dinner. I particularly love to go in the evenings during the week.

The new summer menu is unmissable. I would recommend the Octopus, tuna tartare, T-bone and schnitzel. Although is usually busy, you are always more than welcome to walk in and be spontaneous .


DSC01555 (1)

What a random place to recommend right?… well, if you think about it, this is the kind of place you are always looking for and nobody tells you about. So here I am!

We change few things at our place last year and I became an expert in plumbing, electricity, flooring, interior design and basically learn hundreds of new words, like skirting, hinge, balustrade, polished nickel, and many more that I’ve forgotten already. The only thing though that really stuck with me was Nu-Line and the amazing people that work there. I can not tell you how patient they were with me, since I had no idea what I was talking about, in the end I did a great job at home because I had the best teachers, Nu-line staff.

There are five shops together if Im not mistaken, selling everything you need for building and DIY works. Painting and decoration, electrical, lighting, timber, bathrooms and kitchen supplies, heating, etc, etc, etc… I can not even mention all. So if you are stuck trying to find a bulb or a socket or a broom or carpet cleaner, look no more. This is the place and there is always someone ready to help and provide the best service to make the experience painless.





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