Zero stretch marks in seven months…one of the FIVE reasons to love it.


Stretch marks!! Those horrible two words are the terror of all of us, super easy to get and almost impossible to get rid of, so if you find a product that helps preventing them, hold on to it forever. During these seven months of pregnancy I have tried many maternity creams and exfoliants but I find that most of the products apart from being expensive are extremely rich in texture, very greasy to be more precise, so you not only end up spending a fortune every two weeks in creams, but also in laundry detergents for your oily clothes.

Your skin changes a lot throughout the pregnancy, it becomes dry and sometimes itchy, sometimes stiff and most of the time dehydrated so you really need a product that helps with all that discomfort. I am not going to go through all the products I have tried simply because I really want to recommend the one I have been using constantly and has worked perfectly.

Palmer’s Cocoa butter formula is an American brand sold in London in every drugstore or in different websites, very easy to find, they also have great products for every skin type and for every day. Super affordable and made with natural ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, olive butter and vitamin E. They have a large range of products for pregnancy but this Massage cream for stretch marks is my favourite cream of the range by far. Thicker than the lotion and smaller in size but very moisturising, rubs easily, and what I like the most, fast absorbing without any greasy after feel. They suggest to apply it twice or even three times a day but first of all I can’t be bother to do that once Im dressed and ready and second, your skin will be so hydrated that you really don’t need to reapply. It wont last you more than two weeks if you apply it in thighs, hips, bust, belly and arms, which is what I do, but is so affordable that you won’t feel guilty. Im not sure if this cream will erase old stretch marks but for what I have seen, it will help to prevent them. Zero stretch marks so far  in seven months of pregnancy, fingers crossed it will stay that way!. One more thing, I have heard and read that stretch marks are extremely genetic so even if you get some, your skin is going to be glowy and radiant, and anyway, it’s always worth fighting those genes in case you win.

So my FIVE reasons to love this product:

  1. It’s £6.99 (price from Superdrug, it could be a little more in Boots £7.35 or a little less in different websites)
  2. Smells delicious, like chocolate and coconut ice cream, you almost want to eat it and it lasts on your skin.
  3. Perfect size to take with you for trips. 125 g.
  4. Leaves the skin softer and smoother than ever. You almost feel the skin thicker.
  5. You can use the product before, during and after the pregnancy and trust it will be mild with your skin.




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