My FIVE everyday skin beauty essentials.


These are FIVE of my everyday/must have/wherever I am favourites of all time.

You probably can’t tell from the pictures I have posted of myself, but I have very very dark circles under my eyes thanks to my dad and genetics! some people love them, others not so much, me included, but since I had no choice, I had to get use to them and with time I have learnt to like them, respect them and more importantly, hide them. Ok I know, now that I have spoken so highly of them, will have to show my beautiful dark circles to you…One day.

I already told you that I am an actress, and I have been since I was six years old, so being in front of cameras, lights, lenses and people for so long, makes you aware of the things you need to highlight or cover. The skin and its radiance have been the most important part of my daily beauty routine, I will show you in another post my top FIVE moisturisers and what my skin routine is, but for now after hydration, creams, suncream , eye serum, etc, here is what follows…


1. CLARINS-Eclat Minute:  A beautiful, velvety feel, almost transparent tint that evens out the skin colour, leaving it radiant, luminous, not sparky because it doesn’t have shimmer but glowy and bright. you could use it on its own and apply a little bit of powder on the areas you think you need it the most or like me, use foundation, tinted moisturiser, bb cream, or whatever you use after this ‘complexion base’ as its called. The colour I use is 02 Champagne.


2. BOURJOIS-123 Perfect CC Cream: Bourjois is a brand that can be found in high street drugstores like Boots or Superdrug and that is how I came across this great product, on my almost every day visit to Boots. I have never been a fan of foundations, If Im not working I prefer to have a fresher look and let the skin breathe. So when I decided to try this ‘color corrector’ I was skeptical and doubtful but Im happy to say that it proved me wrong.

This CC cream is very light in texture making it very easy to apply and blend. It has a light coverage which makes the skin look very natural but still covers all the redness or imperfections you might have. It’s got SPF 15 and comes in four colours, the one I use is light beige.


3. LAURA MERCIER- Secret Camouflage: If you still have not try this, you need to get it now!!. I take it with me everywhere I go. It covers all those stubborn imperfections that keep coming out even after foundation is applied. The texture of this corrector is quite dry so it does not move, it really covers all the redness around the nose or spots. I never use it under my eyes because I find it quite heavy for that delicate part, although if you mix it with a little bit of moisturiser it could work just fine.

Its a great product to have even if you don’t wear foundation. Secret Camouflage, powder if you like and that’s it. flawless skin.


4. BOBBI BROWN-Intensive Skin Serum Corrector: This product is new to me and I already love it. Bobbi Brown in case you didn’t know, offers free make up lessons at the stores, you need to check online which are the locations for that but even if the stores are not too close to you I would highly recommend to give it a go. I went to one of those a couple of weeks ago because I wanted to try all the products I was curious about and taking a class is the best way to do that plus you also learn, you always do.

After my lesson I fell in love with few things, will tell you about them in another post, but this corrector was my favourite by far, it comes in 15 different shades so you have a lot of options depending on how pronounced your dark circles are or your skin colour. It covers immediately and gives the skin juiciness and gloss, and makes the concealer match your skin perfectly. I had not realised before but although my dark circles were always well covered, the colour was a little bit ashy and opaque. This corrector adapts perfectly to the pigments of your skin making it look completely natural.

This is my area of expertise, when it comes to dark circles,believe me, I have tried it all and this one works!

The colour I use is Peach Bisque.


5. BY TERRY- Touche Veloutee: This is a product that I have been using for years now and has never let me down. Its the perfect combination between foundation and concealer; foundation because it covers everything you need and concealer because of the texture and lightness. As I mentioned before, my dark circles are very pronounced so I need a proper full coverage product for every day but also one that is not too heavy so I can reapply if I need to. Its a very delicate and sensitive part of the face as it creases easily if you put the wrong product or the wrong amount.

With Touche Veloutee you will no go wrong, it has a wide brush so it is very easy to apply, leaves your skin moist and completely natural. Even if you don’t have very dark circles it works beautifully giving you light and freshness.

The shade I use is number 3-Beige. Just for you to know, Its pricey (£38.50) but is worth every penny, it also comes in a generous size (6.5 ml). Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat for example, comes in 2.5ml. What is there not to love?






  1. Moni I love this post… It’s very helpful.
    Definitely will stop by at Bobby Brown and take a class… Great idea!


  2. Please make a video to see all this in action! Don’t know anything about make up so even if I bought these I wouldn’t know where and how to apply them. Thanks for all the insightful posts Monica!

    Liked by 1 person

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