gallery While writing this somebody is kicking me, literally.

foto5I used to sell twenty thousand pounds in fifteen minutes working in Harrods for Dior and was paid eight pounds per hour, was the best seller of Moncler Selfridges selling winter coats at 28 degrees celsius, I have been a killer woman, war journalist, an eyewitness, raped in different occasions, innocently in love, passionate window shopper, an orphanage teacher, a drug mule, a veterinary, a rebel teenager, I died three times and got married six, single mother twice and had a real angel as a boyfriend, the red buses on the wrong side of the street still amuse me and I arrived in London eight years ago speaking almost signed english.

I’m an actress, fashion victim, observer, traveler soul, miles collector, art history student, frustrated make up artist, London biggest fan, adore cooking but prefer eating, can’t live without my concealer Touche veloutee By Terry which magically transforms me from imperfect to beautiful, obsessed with Golborne Road and every single cafe and shop on that street, Notting Hill vagabond, The British Museum and Tate Modern are usually my shelters in rainy days, film and theater lover, I cried easily, very easily, love passionately and could even kill when Im told action! oh… and I can’t wait to meet face to face the one kicking me right now who will arrive in nine weeks.

My name is Monica Lopera and was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. I, however, grew up in Colombia which makes me very proud, moved to London in 2008 where I have been living and working constantly since then doing mainly Tv series and films. For different reasons the auditions I usually get are for Italian, Spanish, Russian, Arab, Indian and not so often Latin.

Here are the FIVE reasons why I decided to start this blog:

  1. To keep risking without blinking.
  2. To sleep less and eat more.
  3. To stay active and adaptive but never static.
  4. To spend with no regrets.
  5. And finally to convince the dubious and share what I like the most, with all of you that are curious.

One comment

  1. Hola Monica;
    Soy Maria Zepeda yo no sabia de ti.. hasta hace unos tres dias.. cuando.. empeze a ver la novel de Un angel llamado azul… estdo.. conociendo . Para de ti.. me encanta tu blog.. la forma en la que con tus escrituras … compartes y ayudas.. a muchas.. como yo… q dudamos.. mucho de lo q queremos.. esty.. en la etapa.. en la que.. me toca.. seguir la universidad.. pero.. tengo.. mucho.. miedo . A indepedisarme.. tu.. con lo que escribes me ayudas.. en mucho.. aunque tu no lo sepas


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